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Mobile compatibility, huge collection of modern designs, e-commerce solutions, secured hosting and email services, digital marketing, 24/7 live help – everything in, packed in a reasonable price! Design Cloud made it easier for all medium-scale entrepreneurs out there to have their own professional website.

Quick & Easy Setup

Have your professional business website running in just 5 days! Design Cloud combines the power of a frontend WYSIWYG editor and the capability of a content management system to develop quality websites in a short span of time.


We provide outstanding real-time local support from email, phone calls, and live chat assistance – we are just an inch away from your fingertips. We establish good relationships through good project management and reliable communication.

Websites are not just projects; each of them is a masterpiece.

Set your eyes on the professional works of our web designers. Check out our portfolios!

Our Services


Design Cloud boasts in speed and the quality of work. We have a wide range of pre-designed themes handled by professional website developers that fits any industry or business.


Make it easier for your potential customers to find your website. Increase your website’s online visibility with the help of our digital marketing experts and social media specialists.


Secure your website with a reliable cloud hosting provider trusted by government agencies and industry leaders in the Philippines. Faster loading time, spam free email and reliable server uptime!


Make it easier for your customers to find your business by giving your website a personal domain name. This will help your business have a stronger brand recall.


Boost your business credibility and stand out from your competitors by using your own customized business email instead of Yahoo mail and Gmail.