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 General Provisions

In availing any DESIGN CLOUD packages, the CLIENT agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. DESIGN CLOUD utilizes the use of WordPress templates. Using templates or themes intended for other platforms or content management systems (CMS) is not covered by DESIGN CLOUD’s services. The CLIENT understands that templates only allow minor modifications. Changing the effects, the general structure and adding codes tantamount to developing a customized website is not allowed.

2. The content types specified below are fully supported. If the CLIENT needs to publish content types other than what is specified here, it will be assessed by a DESIGN CLOUD representative for compatibility.

  • Text contents
  • Images
  • Google maps
  • Video (via YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • HTML/JS scripts

3. Content supported by DESIGN CLOUD can be organized and displayed in the following manner:

  • Tabulated (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Accordion
  • Gallery
  • Slider
  • Grids

4. Contents supported by DESIGN CLOUD can be customized in terms of:

  • Font size, style and color
  • Alignment
  • Padding and margins
  • Background color
  • Border color

5. In order to keep the costs of the packages at the minimum, any communication between the CLIENT and a DESIGN CLOUD representative will be done via call, text and email. CLIENT may only request a personal meeting if they have thoroughly reviewed the proposal and they are ready to sign the contract and settle the down payment. If the meeting is a necessity to proceed with the project, the CLIENT agrees to pay the required administration fee to compensate for the overhead expenses that will be incurred.

6. The hosting service provided by DESIGN CLOUD is under Zoom Hosting PH ( Using the hosting service inclusive in every DESIGN CLOUD packages are subject to the Terms and Condition and Acceptable Usage policy of Zoom Hosting PH.


Other than the general terms and conditions specified above, the E-COMM package is also covered by the following provisions:

1. DESIGN CLOUD also offers an E-commerce solution through the E-COMM package, which is already inclusive of all the essential features of an online store. Woo Commerce will be used in the process so the features are built-in and may not be modified unless approved by a DESIGN CLOUD representative. The lists of features are as follows:

  • Product management
    • Add/edit price and stock
    • Add/edit product name and description
    • Multiple product images
    • Product variation support
      • Drop down selection for size
      • Drop down selection for color
      • Drop down selection for options
    • Add/edit product categories
  • Sales report
    • Total sales based on specified date
    • Top sellers
    • Sales by product category
  • Promotion tools
    • Voucher/Coupon code
    • Schedule sale (product discount)
  • Supported shipping process
    • Flat rate (per country)
    • Free shipping
  • Supported payment gateways
    • PayPal
    • Cashsense
    • Seven-Connect (7/11 payment)
    • Bank deposit
    • Cash on Delivery

2. Woo Commerce has a tool to add more products to the online store. DESIGN CLOUD’s service only covers the first 25 products during the development phase. Request for assistance in uploading more products will incur an additional cost in order to compensate for the man hours needed to upload the products. Such request will also be honored after the final payment has been settled.